It's all fine

I am hungry.

Which is nothing new. :3 But argh.

One month until surgery! I want it to be sooner, but I'm terrified of it so I don't. ;p Rawr.
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ZQ spray


Pffff, I exist. Sort of. Kinda. Mostly. Ish. It's that whole thing of being so overwhelmed and choosing a few subjects upon which to obsess/procrastinate whilst all others are neglected.

I've left the building just about once this break, and that was technically just to go to another part of the same building. :D

October 18th needs to go die. Not really, and not literally (I mean, how would that even work anyway), but the lead up to it is causing me such mind-numbing terror and tension that it's just fucking up everything that comes before. Anticipation's a bitch, but I suppose it really doesn't help having this particular seminar professor (who's also my thesis advisor, fml in all its glory :D ).

Ach, weel. Life will go on (so they say), and it's my hope that mine will regain some semblance of regularity...or rather, of being manageable. I figure it will, but still--I only just now remembered that my degree/graduation application is due Friday, so whoop-de-frickin-da. Pardon my French, but man do I hate that man. ISEEWHATIDIDTHEREDOYOU?
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